About Recycle Now

RecycleNow is the country’s leading battery recycling and stewardship program. Through our innovative and diversified approach, we offer flagship program to cater battery recycling needs in the country, all while ensuring the reduction of hazardous waste in compliance with growing consumption of batteries.

RecycleNow has constantly been dedicated to the highest environmental standards through a company-wide determination to health and safety.


Our vision is for a cleaner and sustainable world.



Our mission is to Recycle used batteries responsibly to promote a sustainable circular economy.

Our Target

RecycleNow targets to become global leading Lithium battery recycling company, committed to the environment.
Our Focus is on:


Environmental friendly Technological Innovation

Sustainable Growth

Value creation for all stakeholders

Why Recycle

Lithium Ion Batteries are used in Electronic gadgets, Power Applications, Electric Storage, and Electric Vehicle. Battery materials pose no threat to human health when in use, but batteries discarded improperly can have dangerous health and environmental consequences because of the heavy metals the batteries contain.

Why is it mportant to recycle:

If dumped in a landfill, they may pose significant environmental risks.

Batteries contain heavy, harmful metals like mercury, cobalt & nickel which can harm the human health i.e. Vision & heart problems, Thyroid damage, Respiratory issues.

Recycling aids the conservation of natural resources & helps sustain the environment.

Lithium is highly inflammable under pressure.

Recycling reduces our waste production, energy consumption, & greenhouse gas emissions.

Improper segregation from regular garbage may pose a fire hazard.

Environmental Impact:


Harmful particles may affect ecosystems through accumulation in soil, water, rocks & plants.


Production, transportation & distribution of batteries heavily consume natural resources.


Mining causes water pollution, affecting local supply & potentially poisoning communities.