What We Do?

Our mission is to develop the highest standards of professionalism in the battery recycling industry by promoting best practice in health, safety and environment and by preserving natural resources. Our Members are involved in the collection, sorting, treatment and recycling of used or waste batteries, whatever the technology or category - portable, industrial or automotive.

This is a huge challenge for our young industry, as the battery landscape is continuously evolving: new battery technologies, emergence of new chemistries in the automotive battery recycling market and growing tonnage of battery and accumulators to be recycled as a result of ever increasing collection rates.

Our Objectives

Creating consumer awareness to deposit batteries:

In addition to encouraging consumers to use battery recycling infrastructure, our campaign aims to raise public awareness through advertisements, publications, posters about obligation of consumers to return their used batteries only to the collection centres/drop-off boxes, informing them of the wide range of consumer electronic devices that contain high-energy rechargeable batteries and to help people understand how to recycle products containing batteries which cannot easily be removed for separate recycling.

Create consumer awareness to deposit batteries
Collect & transport batteries

Collecting & transporting batteries:

We ensure that the used batteries are collected back as per the Schedule against new batteries sold excluding those sold to original equipment manufacturer and bulk consumer(s) and that used batteries collected back are of similar type and specifications as that of the new batteries sold. We also ensure that necessary arrangements are made with dealers for safe transportation from collection centres to the premises of registered recyclers.

Storing & Segregating the batteries:

All batteries are segregated by category to facilitate proper shipping to the appropriate recycling center. All rechargeable batteries and lithium or magnesium single-use batteries have the terminals taped or insulated for safe transportation.

Store segregate the batteries
Treating & recycling batteries

Treating & recycling batteries:

We believe that it is not good enough to just collect batteries it s just as important to optimize how much of a recycled battery is used in a secondary product. The battery recycling process used by our program seeks to ensure that products generated by battery recycling can go back into the manufacturing of new products. Less than 1% of the battery that cannot be used for new batteries become a slag, which is an essential input into the construction of roads and bridges. No portion of any battery collected is ever landfilled.

Providing stewardship certificate:

This certificate goes to every individual, industries and other business establishements who contributes towards cleaner, greener and safer planet by dropping off their used batteries at our specified drop off boxes and collection centres.

Providing stewardship certificate
About Stewardship Programme

About Stewardship Programme

We propose to make the planet more secure by recycling your utilized batteries. Reusing batteries is simple and has numerous benefits, like:

  • Reduced waste and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Lower pollution levels
  • Prevention of fires caused by trashed batteries

Battery recycling can effortlessly fit into your daily schedule, so you can easily do something productive for the environment.

We introduce India’s only Stewardship program focused on responsibly recycling Lithium batteries. We start by collecting and segregating the batteries, followed by their processing. We extract the recoverable components and have the rest manufactured.

The types of Lithium batteries we require are primarily the ones used in mobiles and laptops, such as power backups and UPS. We also include battery systems of electric mobility and energy storage systems.

Become a Green Champ

The program remains committed to environmental sustainability and to the success of its collection partners. By partnering with RecycleNow, you as well can show your commitment to the environment and to the conservation of natural resources

When you do your part and join us as a #GreenChamp, you get

A certificate recognizing you as a #GreenChamp
We will give you a certificate & a sapling to nurture & grow!

If interested in getting to be a RecycleNow's “Green Champ”. Please click on the below tab and our team will get in touch with you to discuss the details of the program.